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I received this email from SistaTalk sharing information on a (yet another) new initiative from the UK Government which is aimed at increasing women’s contribution to the business world.  It seems positive in theory and I think that any woman in business should be aware of what is being proposed.  Please read and share.

About the Women’s Business Council

The council is an informal advisory body which will look at ways of maximising women’s contribution to economic growth. The council, chaired by Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE, CEO at MITIE, will assess priorities in challenging the barriers that women face in playing a full part in business and the workplace.

Words from the Home Secretary

In launching the council on 2 May 2012, Home Secretary Theresa May said:

“Women are at the heart of Britain’s economic future and we need to do all we can to help them achieve their full potential. I am delighted to launch the Women’s Business Council and look forward to hearing their advice on how we can help women maximise their many talents and give our economy a welcome boost.”

Words from the Chair

On chairing the first meeting, Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE said:

“It is a great honour to have been asked by the Home Secretary to chair the Women’s Business Council.  What marks the council apart from other initiatives, is its focus on increasing economic growth by optimising women’s contribution to enterprise and the work place.  We are all business people who are committed to driving this agenda forward – working to provide practical solutions for businesses, Government and individuals alike.  I very much look forward to discussing the challenging issues we are faced with.”

Women’s Business Council Members

The chair and the nine council members have been chosen for their achievements in the business world as well as their commitment to diversity in the workplace. They will take time out of their busy schedules to advise the Government on issues such as women returning to work and how to get more women into executive positions.

The council members are drawn from across business sectors – advertising, social media, enterprise, retail, legal, financial, utilities, pharmaceutical, recruitment – and will meet formally five times between May 2012 and April 2013, as well as taking part in working groups and other events.  They will publish their work programme in Summer 2012 and report formally to the Home Secretary in May 2013.

Bios of members:-

Evidence base to inform the Women’s Business Council

There is a powerful economic case for the work of the council.  Despite great progress in recent decades, women are still more likely than men to be in low paying jobs and are under-represented in senior positions.  By fully using the skills and qualifications of women who are currently out of work, the country could benefit by fifteen to twenty-one billion pounds per year.  The council is applying an evidenced based approach to advising Ministers on how to maximise women’s contribution to our future economic growth. Evidence papers will be published on this website.

Please do share your thoughts and comments.


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