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Women in Film and TV Mentoring Scheme



The WFTV Mentoring Scheme London 2012/13 is Now Open for Applications! 

The scheme, supported by Creative Skillset and EON Productions, is designed for women who have more than 5 years experience working in TV, film or digital production or business roles (such as writing, directing, producing, vision mixing, cinematography, composing, sales and acquisitions) in any genre.

Over six months from November 2012 to April 2013, selected participants will receive six hours of mentoring contact with an experienced industry figure, combined with an intensive programme of seminars, training workshops and networking opportunities.

To download an application form, click here.
Deadline: Midnight Tuesday 31st July 2012.

Please include ‘Mentoring Scheme 2013’ in the subject line of your email when returning the form

Click here to read some FAQs relating to the scheme, whether you’re eligible to apply, and how to make your application as strong as possible.


Do you want to know more before you apply?

Come along to our Open Evening at the Theatres Trust on  Monday 23rd July, 2012 to meet the scheme’s producer Nicola Lees and some of the previous mentees. Visit theWFTV Events page for more details.


Meet our previous mentees here.

Here’s what they’ve had to say about the scheme:

This is an amazing scheme- it has given me invaluable knowledge about the UK television market, an amazing network of professional industry members and a renewed confidence in my career.
– Cindy DePasquale, Producer/Director (Mentee 2012)

This is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with my career. I have a support team who I feel are with me each step of the way with practical and moral guidance. It’s funny, they seem to believe in me and they’re difficult to argue with! I think I had the ability before but I lacked the confidence. I now feel like there’s nothing stopping me.” – Mentee (2012)

The scheme made me take time out to reflect and remind myself of all the real reasons I had got into TV, reigniting my original passion and belief, which was the perfect antidote to the day to day humdrum of the workplace and boring political battles.” – Mentee (2012)

The mentoring scheme literally saved my life. It helped restore my confidence and my belief in me. It taught me to love myself and to embrace my talents. To not be afraid to forge ahead with a new career and to stop looking back at what used to be. I have networked for the first time in my life and have met some of the most amazing women who will be friends for life. It has been a totally empowering experience… I shall miss it.” – Sally Eastland, Screenwriter (Mentee 2012)

Read Broadcast magazine’s feature on the 2011 WFTV Mentoring Scheme here.


An evening of style and beauty with Tina Lobondi


Tina Lobondi would like to invite you to An evening of Styling and Beauty, the Only Summer Sample Sale. You will be able to discover the new collection, network and mingle with industry people, meet the designer behind the Label and more.

The event will include Fashion with up to 60% Off previous Collections, drinks, Make-Up Session, a prize draw and music.

Come an join us at the Vibe Gallery in Bermondsey on Saturday 14th of July 2012 from 4pm to 9pm :

Email names for guest list to:

Address: Vibe Gallery

N 001 Tower Bridge Business Complex

Clements Road


SE16 4DG



Bermondsey Station (0.5 km)

Surrey Quays Station (0.7 km)

Nearby stations:

Canada Water Station (0.9 km)

Rotherhithe Station (1.1 km)

Donations will be given to the Georges Malaika Foundation in Congo.

Na med in memory of Noella Coursaris Musunka’s father, Georges, and the Swahili word malaika, for ‘angel,’ the Georges Malaika Foundation (GMF) is empowering African girls through education.

GMF is dedicated to the advancement of African communities by providing educational opportunities to young girls, ages 5 to 18. Our vision is to mobilize the resources necessary to overcome the insurmountable obstacles a young girl faces in obtaining an education in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We will provide assistance that paves the way for opportunity, generates greater choice and empowers girls to make informed decisions. GMF endeavors to permanently alter the cycle of illiteracy and poverty – first in Lubumbashi, DRC, then throughout the DRC and all of Africa.

For more details please contact us at

You can also visit our partners’ website below


We look forward to seein you again on the 14th July!!


Tina Lobondi


(0044) 7817265542


To keep up to date with any news about events or shows, Please follow us on

Facebook: Tina Lobondi

Twitter: tinalobondi

The First Lady Meets… Jessica Huie CEO of Colourblind Cards.

Jessica Huie CEO of Colourblind CardsJessica Huie, CEO of Colourblind Cards.

What is Colourblind cards?

Colourblind Cards is best known for being a greeting card and gift publisher who secured a presence on the high-street for black greeting cards. Before Colorblind you had to go to into local shops or order from the USA despite the fact that London is the most multi-cultural city in the world!

Now we have evolved and as well as offering a personalisation service online for our cards (over 120 designs)  we have also introduced a gift line which includes baby grows, canvasses, calendars, wrapping paper, magnets amongst other products. We understand that our customers, many of whom are parents, want products which depict positive reflections of theirs and their children’s identity.

You have a hugely successful PR career, working with Max Clifford and starting your own PR company JH PR, with all that under your belt what made you start Colourblind cards?

The opportunity was too good to pass up! I felt compelled as a mother to produce a range when I couldn’t find a card which reflected my own daughter’s identity on Oxford street which is Britain’s biggest shopping street. On a social level the brand is important but there was also an obvious commercial opportunity and If you can make money and make a small social contribution at the same time then that’s the perfect business scenario for me.

Your career in PR has been phenomenal and we at The First Lady find it hugely inspiring.  Please could you share the following:  Thank you so much!

How did you manage being a young mother and studying?

By keeping my eye on the prize which for me, was feeling validated and being able to hold my head high. I had my daughter at a time when the issue of teenaged mums was a big issue socially and this was reflected in the media coverage. I felt I had let a lot of people down and I wanted to prove everybody wrong. My ambition began as me being an eighteen year old with a point to prove, and evolved into who I actually am, which is just a naturally driven woman. That desire to ‘make good’ didn’t allow me to quit.

What was it like to embark on a career in a highly competitive field as woman who’s profile as a teenage, single mother of Dual Heritage could have been ‘written off’ with a number of negative stereotypes?

Being mixed-race was never an issue for me as my father in particular raised us with the mindset that race should never be an issue in accomplishing what you intend. He arrived from Jamaica in England pre windrush when signs on doors still said “no blacks, no irish, no dogs” so it was a compelling argument coming from him. Being a teen mum was much more of an issue for me! When I first started my internship at Max Clifford Associates I didn’t actually tell anybody that I had a baby as I thought it would count against me. In fact when they discovered I was a mum juggling university with a part time job and an internship. The whole office embraced me even more. At the end of my first two week stint Max gave me a card saying “welcome to the MCA family, you are a credit to yourself.” That internship changed my life and I will forever be grateful to Dee Wilson my office mummy who was office manager at the time, for giving my the opportunity, and to Max himself for being supportive beyond the call of boss duty.

How has your journey impacted your daughter?

My daughter is incredible. We are extremely close and she has always had a wisdom beyond her years. Monet is articulate, confident and ambitious. Aged eleven she would make calls to stockists for me and interact with grown ups with an eloquence beyond her years. Most of all I am proud of how kind my daughter is. She is the most beautiful human being I know, inside and out and she is my side-kick.

Ok back to Colourblind cards, what was it like starting something brand new after being in an ‘established’ position for a considerable length of time?

Character building! Great question. I learnt quickly that when peoples eyes glazed over while I talked multi-cultural greeting cards, Id regain their attention quickly if I mentioned my 7 year career with Max lol. My media career has been great to leverage off for colorblind cards where necessary. Starting and running a business make you learn so much about yourself. In the early days I’d get frustrated and annoyed if a buyer didn’t recognize the market opportunity for a brand like Colorblind! I had to mature and get real quickly. I’m still learning about business, still idealistic and disorganized J t the same time I thrive on a challenge and it was exciting, I live for the possibilities! Without dreams we’d have nothing.

How do you manage to stay focussed and motivated, even on those days that are littered with frustrated sighs?

I try to have some quiet time and just not think about anything or I work out. Body pump always sorts me out. Laughing is also a great remedy on those days.

What is your biggest Colourblind achievement to date?

Being invited to No.10 Downing street for a round table on enterprise with former PM Gordon Brown. It was surreal going through the door, a wonderful moment.

Life is all about balance, how do you balance the many facets of your career with your home life? Its an ongoing challenge. With my new baby who is 7 months old, even more so. But when I’m feeling that guilt that working mums know well I just look at my daughter and think, I must be doing something right! I also try to have some family MUSTS. Like reading to my baby son every evening if possible and helping Mon with her homework.

Do you have any forthcoming projects you would like to share?

Colorblind Cards have recently launched a personalization service, so you can now change the text on the front and insides of our cards! We also have a wonderful gift line which has just been launched. You can check us out at

Sum up your business journey so far in three words:

Unexpected. Emotional. Unfinished…

Where can we find you? 


Twitter: @jessicahuie @colorblindcards




Stockists: Online at and numerous independent stores around the UK, US, Barbados, Bermuda and South Africa

Featuring Jessica has been a pleasure, we think she is a testament to not letting anything hold you back.  As people living in a global society we appreciate Colourbind cards as this brand represents a large section of the world we live in!  We think Jessica represents a growing number of women that are brave enough to branch out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams and start something new.  It is never too late and we would suggest that a portfolio of careers is the way to go in an economy full of turn’s, twist’s and downturns (please note a portfolio of careers does not mean a bandwagon jumping jack of all trades!).  We urge you to check out the expanding range of Colourblind cards regardless of your background, they are gorgeous greeting cards above all else.

We have also seen Jessica in action motivating and inspiring students at St Matthew’s Academy in Blackheath, London.  After listening ti Jessica’s amazing journey the children and young people were clearly ramped up to go out and achieve greatness.  Although Jessica has achieved loads we think this is just the beginning!


*UPDATE: Colourblind cards will now be stocked in Nigeria and has expanded its UK stockist.  Details to follow!*

Entertainment: “Egusi Soup” at the Soho Theatre London

Egusi Soup is a new play starring, Ellen Thomas, Nick Oshikanlu, Rhoda Ofori-Attah, Anniwaa Buachie and Lace Akpojaro are bringing Egusi Soup to life in 2012!

A fresh and updated version of funny and poignant play from Menagerie Associate Writer and Bruntwood Prize Winner, Janice Okoh is now running in London.  As the Anyias, a British-Nigerian family, pack their suitcases and prepare to head home to Lagos for a memorial service in honour of the late Mr Anyia, they soon realise they will need to get rid of some excess baggage first!  A fast, furious and funny new family drama about intergenerational and cross- cultural relationships. Contains plenty of spicy bits…

Egusi Soup started life with Menagerie with a reading at Sparks; it then premiered as a script-in-hand performance at Hotbed in July 2009 and in October 2009 embarked on tour in a co-production with Eastern Angles. For 2012, Egusi Soup has been brought to life once again with a co-production between Menagerie and Soho Theatre and in association with the Mercury Theatre, Colchester.

We are going to see it next week and cannot wait!  We are especially excites as Ellen Thomas is very supportive of our movement.  She has had an extensive acting career and will be featured on this blog soon so stay tuned!

You can book your tickets here.

Information about The Women’s Business Council (via

I received this email from SistaTalk sharing information on a (yet another) new initiative from the UK Government which is aimed at increasing women’s contribution to the business world.  It seems positive in theory and I think that any woman in business should be aware of what is being proposed.  Please read and share.

About the Women’s Business Council

The council is an informal advisory body which will look at ways of maximising women’s contribution to economic growth. The council, chaired by Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE, CEO at MITIE, will assess priorities in challenging the barriers that women face in playing a full part in business and the workplace.

Words from the Home Secretary

In launching the council on 2 May 2012, Home Secretary Theresa May said:

“Women are at the heart of Britain’s economic future and we need to do all we can to help them achieve their full potential. I am delighted to launch the Women’s Business Council and look forward to hearing their advice on how we can help women maximise their many talents and give our economy a welcome boost.”

Words from the Chair

On chairing the first meeting, Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE said:

“It is a great honour to have been asked by the Home Secretary to chair the Women’s Business Council.  What marks the council apart from other initiatives, is its focus on increasing economic growth by optimising women’s contribution to enterprise and the work place.  We are all business people who are committed to driving this agenda forward – working to provide practical solutions for businesses, Government and individuals alike.  I very much look forward to discussing the challenging issues we are faced with.”

Women’s Business Council Members

The chair and the nine council members have been chosen for their achievements in the business world as well as their commitment to diversity in the workplace. They will take time out of their busy schedules to advise the Government on issues such as women returning to work and how to get more women into executive positions.

The council members are drawn from across business sectors – advertising, social media, enterprise, retail, legal, financial, utilities, pharmaceutical, recruitment – and will meet formally five times between May 2012 and April 2013, as well as taking part in working groups and other events.  They will publish their work programme in Summer 2012 and report formally to the Home Secretary in May 2013.

Bios of members:-

Evidence base to inform the Women’s Business Council

There is a powerful economic case for the work of the council.  Despite great progress in recent decades, women are still more likely than men to be in low paying jobs and are under-represented in senior positions.  By fully using the skills and qualifications of women who are currently out of work, the country could benefit by fifteen to twenty-one billion pounds per year.  The council is applying an evidenced based approach to advising Ministers on how to maximise women’s contribution to our future economic growth. Evidence papers will be published on this website.

Please do share your thoughts and comments.

New music from Mercedes (@mercedesmyname)

New music from Mercedes!

Mercedes, the multi-talented rapper/singer/songwriter, drops her brand new track ‘A Little Too Much’, after a recent signing from Warner Music Publishing in the US by Blue Hamilton (Katy Perry). Her new music video, directed by Mark (Stonefire) Stenild, was inspired by a trip to the movies, paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, A Trip to the Moon (George Méliéd), and horror films The Ring, and Cabinet by Dr Caligari.

You can subscribe to Mercedes YouTube channel here and check out her other video’s.  Mercedes’ soundcloud is also full of treats!

We think this young lady is going to go far and look forward to seeing soar!

For further information on Mercedes please contact Rachel White PR | | 07969290808

Deer Oh Deer (@deerohdeerltd ) at Spitalfields Market!

The First Lady are avid supporters of British brand Deer Oh Deer their collections are always fly fusing vintage with with contemporary cool.  You can purchase yours online here, but if you want some face to face action with the brains behind the brand I suggest you get down to Spitalfields market on Friday 18th or 25th May or Friday 1st June 2012.  

Deer Oh Deer is known to sell out quickly so do not sleep on this one!  


Keep up to date with all things Deer Oh Deer by following them on twitter!